Profit Planner Library – Marketing

Profitable JV Strategies

How to create profitable WIN-WIN partnerships

Affiliate Marketing For The Good Guys

A passive income stream that pays everyday!

Plan and Create Your Ultimate Content Calendar

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Ultimate Guide to Blog Visuals

Grab your readers by the emotions

Autoresponder Money Machine

How to write an effective email series

Super Charge Your Email Marketing - Delivery

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Fast Track Your Listbuilding

5 ways to fast track your subscriber list

How to Get More Subscribers

Listbuilding strategy the works to get more subscribers, leads and sales.

Unlimited Blog Traffic

10 blog traffic mistakes to avoid

Hate Marketing Learn How to Get More Clients Anyway

Hate Marketing! Learn How to Get More Clients Anyway

7 ways to get more clients anyway! even you hate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Cash

Explaining affiliate marketng in a way that you can understand and implement immediately.

Blogging Like A Pro

Learn how to choose the right blogs, approach them, write for them, and expand your audience

New Leads Blueprint

New Leads Blueprint

Getting More Subscribers and Leads, and Make More Money!


Own Your Brand Planner Package

Brands come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few common elements you'll find in all of them.